Slaves Who Love Their Chains

I noticed at a local Walmart today that their large “mask required to enter” signs are gone. Instead, there is just a small sign on the window that says that those who are fully vaccinated can enter without masks. However, not only is there is no longer a nazi at the door checking people for face mask compliance, no one at the door or in the store asks anyone if they have been “fully vaccinated.” So, due to the recent CDC guidance, Walmart seems to have, smartly, just given up being the mask police, at least in those areas without mask mandates, like Florida. Yet, I would say that 95 percent of the people in the store still wore face masks when they did not have to. Certainly not all of these people are unvaccinated. And I am still seeing people at the local county park running or biking at full speed with a mask on their face.


5:18 pm on May 15, 2021