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When I thanked Kevin Taylor for alerting me to the State’s abusing the Church of God in Aylmer, Canada, he responded, “Jacob Reaume had his church locked, too.  He has fines like 900K against him plus 50 Million against the church. He knows lesser magistrate, etc. He is pretty sound.”

So I researched Pastor Reaume and discovered two of this martyr’s most magnificent confessions:

At this point, I’ve had enough of the government telling me how I should be leading our people to worship in an attempt to dictate to us what it is that Jesus Christ deserves.” said Reaume. “I don’t think we’re going to change the way we worship any time soon because our government all of a sudden decides it’s a bad idea to worship in person.”

Hold onto your hat, because the next one’s even more thrilling:

One of the assumptions that I think our government has made during this time is that people should be reduced to biotic units whose sole purpose is to avoid contracting a virus that over 99.9 per cent of Canadians haven’t died from in fourteen months,” said Reaume. “I happen to believe that life is to be lived abundantly … and that means sure, we’re going to mitigate risk and reward when it comes to contracting contagions … but at the same time, there’s much more to life.”

Join me in beseeching the Almighty not only to bless us with more such heroes but to replace the Parsons Goat with them.


11:39 am on May 15, 2021

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