Sikhs and Security

Writes a friend:

I am a regular reader and visitor to your site, it is my number one source of news and fact. I use your writing and information as the litmus test for subjects that I don’t completely understand and have yet to find anything you or your writers post that I do not agree with, despite the fact that I consider myself apolitical and have no party affiliation, your site generally helps me decide on issues. Thank you, I refer friends and family to your site regularly, but have never written to you or any of
your contributers, until today…

I am a certified handgun instructor at a small firearms supply store in the Milwaukee area. I work as the on site instructor conducting classes and evaluations for new members. About a week ago, I was conducting a class and one of the employees from the store politely interrupted my class, took me aside and mentioned to me that a “representative from the Sikh Church in Oak Creek is here to speak with an instructor.” I was a little nervous and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as the vicious attack on their church had happened so recently and had seemed to have such a devastating effect on their congregation.

I had seen and read all of the usual rhetoric by the media and politicians intensify after the incidents here in Wisconsin and Aurora, Colorado shooting as well. I approached the gentleman and after brief introductions he informed that despite strong opposition from within his congregation, himself and several other members of his church wanted to take handgun and concealed handgun training. After getting his information and discussing what he was interested in learning, I was both impressed and excited at the opportunity. There is always so much negativity directed at guns and the firearms lobby and industry after these events that I was elated that these folks would take the common sense and rational approach to handle their churchs security going forward.

I spoke with my boss afterwards and we decided that we would conduct the training free of charge. Needless to say, it ended up being a great class and I have already gotten calls for more classes from many other members of the congregation. I have found the specific members of this congregation to be persons of great courage and positive attitudes despite witnessing the senseless bloodshed and murder of their priest right in front of their eyes. They have the will and desire to defend themselves and sought out the training. I only wish that I had been able to teach them before this terrible event had occurred, maybe if they had received training and armed themselves, lives could have been saved.

Regardless, I do not seek accolades and wish to remain anonymous. The real purpose of my message is to you and your readers to take heart despite all of the insanity we see everyday with regards to people wanting everything to be taken care of for them (security, housing, healthcare, etc…) instead of working to provide it for ourselves, there are still people in America and the world who value independence and can think rationally even through a terrible crisis. I will continue to train the Sikh members and anyone else who comes to me for training, always hoping not just to teach them the mechanics of firearms, but indirectly the
message of self reliance. During the class, they asked me about carrying a gun and I expressed to them that I and most other people who keep weapons have no desire to ever take a life. However, we must prepare for that possibility in order to protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I told them that a weapon, when used correctly, is used to preserve life and protect people. They understood this message and brought it up several times throughout the class.

Talking to other people after the tragedy at their church and before I met the Sikh members, we generally came to the unfortunate conclusion that every person has the right to NOT defend themselves. To live their lives daily under the illusion of security and safety as they go about their daily routines. However, If a person chooses to live that way, no one can order them to change, yet, they MUST be prepared to except the consequences of that lifestyle, if they REFUSE to prepare to defend their lives. And if you are met with violence and are unprepared, do not attack the rights of us who choose to prepare to defend our lives from those that would harm us.

I am impressed with these men, as they now understand that security does not exist, unless we provide it for ourselves.


7:59 pm on August 20, 2012