She’s Teaching the Community A Lesson, All Right

The People’s Democratic Rethuglic of Minnesota has once again shamed itself in the persons of Judge Joseph Bueltel, “City Attorney Kelly Martinez,” and six spineless jurors. That tyrannical octet has imprisoned an entrepreneur for operating her business during Our Rulers’ plandemic. And Bully–sorry, Bueltel added gross insult to injury by smugly lecturing our heroine and sentencing her to nine times what Persecutor–whoops, Prosecutor Martinez suggested.

Seems that Ms. Melissa “Lisa” Hanson operates a bistro in Albert Lea, Minnesota—a bistro she has refused to close despite Governor Tim “Emperor” Walz’s illegal decrees.

Hell hath no fury like Leviathan scorned. Ergo, the beast has savaged Ms. Hanson with a flurry of charges and dates in court. Thursday’s circus, at which Ms. Hanson represented herself, resulted in a sentence of 90 days in jail and a fine of $1,000 (Martinez recommended 10 days, a fine of $500 and court-fees. Call me wildly misinformed, but don’t our taxes finance courts and their associated sociopaths?). Meanwhile, when polled, “all of the six jurors affirmed that guilty was their verdict.”

Way to go there, sheeple. And not a one of you fit to wipe Ms. Hanson’s shoes.

Thereafter, Bully scolded this outstanding Patriot—for 20 minutes—as he vindictively condemned her to the poky (Ms. Hanson’s analysis? “There’s no reason to put a person like me behind bars. Just because I have a passion for liberty and freedom doesn’t mean I should be put behind bars.” Au contraire, dear champ: that’s precisely why Bully’s socked you away.) Here’s hoping he sowed the seeds of his verdict’s overturning with his blatant bias:

“You were a public risk because you kept your business open,” the judge said.

Hanson was like a career criminal and a drug or alcohol offender, he said, and … [the] only sentence he felt was appropriate would be to cause restraint both to keep Hanson from acting like this again and to stop others from following suit.

Bueltel … said Hanson took advantage of the COVID-19 restaurant shutdowns by being the only store with her doors open.

“You sure played them for the fool, didn’t you?” he said. “You just wanted to make money during a global pandemic.”

Money that the State steals from her and pays to you, Bully, so your disdain is as nitwitted as you are.

Bueltel barely concealed his personal animus against Hanson

Yeah, this glimmer of truth from what I assumed was a member of the corporate media thrilled me as well. But the Minnesota Sun is a “conservative news [site]” whose editor-in-chief “contributes” to Breitbart.

and told the restaurant owner he was going to teach her a lesson. “You don’t want to recognize our law. I want to reinforce that the law does apply to you. I want to send a message to the community that executive orders are law.”

See what I mean? Since when do defendants languish in a cage to “send a message to the community”? Yo, Bully: ever heard of carrier pigeons, letters, phones, and advertising? Take your pick and send all the messages you like, but how dare you brutalize this intensely admirable lady?

When Hanson asked for a more detailed explanation of what the sentencing would look like, Bueltel said: “You’re your own counsel, so figure it out.”

Second offense. When the Revolution comes, I hope Minnesotans top their lists of COVID criminals with this insufferable goon.

Hanson has yet to be tried for the remaining three misdemeanors, two additional counts of violating emergency orders, and one count of public nuisance. Hanson could spend up to nine months in jail and be fined an additional $3,000 for those charges.

We’ve run across a few Patriots with Ms. Hanson’s grit before. But given the shamdemic’s length and the utter lunatics running COVID’s asylum, mighty few. Why aren’t all of Minnesota’s businesses defying the dictatorial governor? Why are only a few brave souls such as Ms. Hanson bearing the brunt of the State’s fury? You entrepreneurs who’ve cravenly caved, who’ve left Ms. Hanson twisting in the wind, are as guilty as Bully, Martinez, and those damnable jurors.

John, who alerted me to this story, reports that he visited

the Freeborn County,

HA! What a misnomer!

Minnesota Sheriff’s Department web site and obtained the address where Melissa can receive mail. I think it would teach the monsters a lesson if she got flooded with letters, Christmas cards and maybe even photos (maximum of three per mailing) while she’s incarcerated.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, she can be written to at the following address:

Melissa Lynn Hanson

P O Box 170

Albert Lea MN 56007-0170

If you need further inspiration to contact Ms. Hanson, here’s her compelling interview with local TV from last February. Among other things, she explains why she doesn’t want other people’s money handed to her via the stimulus checks and why Emperor Walz’s executive orders violate the Constitution’s separation of powers.

Ms. Hanson departed into the State’s dark night valiantly:

As Hanson was led away by deputies following the sentencing, she raised her hand and stated, “Liberty and freedom.”

Write to her; pray for her.


12:28 pm on December 11, 2021