I’m Moving to Texas!

In the Great Land of Texas, armed patriots stand guard  “at a shopping center … to ‘protect the constitutional rights’ of businesses wanting to open despite the coronavirus lockdown. …On Friday a handful of Texas businesses reopened in defiance of state guidance in the fight against the virus…” [Emphasis despairingly added.]

Hard to believe that entrepreneurs are as gutless as pastors and folded so completely when politicians “suggested” they close their doors, isn’t it? But at least some Lone Stars are coming to their senses and standing up to the bullies in government, with a little help from their gun-toting friends.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, heroine Shelley Luther continues to operate her salon after ripping up a citation at a rally last Saturday. She 

wants to save her business and the Texas economy. She told the crowd at the rally, “We have a right to run a business and feed our children.”

Those weren’t Ms. Luther’s only eminently sensible words:

“And if they want to lock those doors, I’ll put chairs out here and my stylists can work out here on the patio, gladly,” she said.

Her customers are as gutsy as she.

“She’s, you know, fighting the good fight for all of us,” customer Lynne said. “As a business owner, every single day matters. It’s utterly agonizing to look at a pile of bills and get more bills and know that you’re getting further and further behind.”

Yep, I’m moving to Texas! (Thanks to Bill Martin for sending me the latter link.)



3:23 pm on April 30, 2020

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