Senator Pocahontas of Massachusetts Outed Once Again as a Liar and Deceiver

Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren, who lied about being part American Indian, hence President Trump’s nickname for her of Pocahontas, got caught lying through her teeth again today.  She wanted to read to the senate a letter by Coretta Scott King criticizing Senator Jeff Sessions some thirty years ago when he was a U.S. attorney in Alabama.  She claimed that he tried to keep “elderly black people” from voting.  But watching and reading the news we learn that the case at hand was one group of black politicians in a small majority-black Alabama town that claimed voter fraud by another group of black politicians.  The first group accused the second group, which included a King family friend, of rigging local elections with fraudulent absentee ballots.  As U.S. Attorney for that region, Sessions investigated and went to court over it.  Coretta Scott King criticized Sessions for investigating her family friend/small town political hack for voter fraud.  (There were more absentee ballots in this town of 10,000 than in Montgomery, a city of 200,000).

But that’s not the story Pocahontas tried to tell.  She is telling the false story that Sessions was the ringleader of a plot by white supremacists to keep black people from voting.  Her behavior is a combination of unbridled bigotry toward Southerners (a prerequisite for all leftist and neocon political hacks) and lying to get ahead in politics by telling this false story that she knows to be unequivocally untrue.

Of course, NONE of the LMS (Lying Media Scum) reported this true story.  (It was only reported by FOX News and a few conservative Web sites).  Instead, they repeated the lies spread by Senator Pocahontas.  And then after Pocahontas was chastised by the senate rules enforcer for using gutter language (quoting Ted Kennedy, that paragon of morality and sensitivity toward women) to describe her senate colleague from Alabama, the LMS cried “sexism.”  To the Demo-Commies in the LMS, “sexism” is treating a woman the same as you would treat any man under the same circumstance.

There has long been massive, massive voter fraud in the cities run by the Democratic Party machine, and the biggest fear of Demo-Communists like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer is that as more things like this become publicized, someone — perhaps an Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for example — will have the FBI finally investigate the massive voter fraud that millions of people in the Democratic Party Inner City Political Plantations have known about for generations.


8:32 pm on February 8, 2017