Secession Fever!

Conservatives in five states are serious about secession from neo-Stalinist governments, such as the one in Virginia, now that it is completely controlled by Demo-Bolsheviks (thanks in part to financing by the likes of billionaire totalitarians George Soros and Michael Bloomberg).  In doing so these conservatives are repudiating the chief mantra of the Lincoln Cult, that his waging of total war on the Southern states “ended once and for all” the debate over whether the American union was voluntary and whether secession was legal.  Lincoln’s position, and the position of all card-carrying members of the Lincoln Cult, especially the “Straussian” neocons, is that the American union never was voluntary.  It is more like the Soviet Union, held together by threats of force, violence, and the waging of total war on civilians.  That was Lincoln’s theory of the American founding.  He may have used pretty words like the “mystic chords” of a “perpetual union,” but the real meaning was a coerced union held together by the mass murder of hundreds of thousands and the bombing and burning of entire cities.  It is little wonder that among Lincoln’s literary admirers were Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler.

In his first inaugural address Lincoln warned of “anarchy” if any one state peacefully seceded.  That would come about, he said, because then counties would secede from states, and cities from counties, etc.  This is what Virginians are discussing today.  Another way of describing Lincoln’s “anarchy” would be “freedom from tyrannical government” or “devolution of power,” something that Lincoln was hellbent on prohibiting even at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives.

I write about all of this in great detail in my new book, The Problem With Lincoln, to be published on July 7 by Regnery Publishing (available now for advanced purchase on Amazon).


9:47 am on February 22, 2020

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