Savoring Rebellion With the Coffee And Pumpkin Pie

Two more Defiant Diners have spilled the beans about their unauthorized feasts yesterday.

First up is Nick:

We had a very normal Thanksgiving this year in Florida. We had 12 people total from 6 different households.

Break out of those “social bubbles”!

The youngest was my 14 month old son, and the oldest was my wife’s 85 year old grandmother. Four generations were represented at our table yesterday, and there were hugs all around. 

What an enormous blessing! No wonder the State is trying its hardest to destroy our holidays.

There were no masks, and we didn’t waste time talking about the tyrannies of our overlords; we just enjoyed each other’s company instead.

For dinner we had roasted turkey, smoked turkey, two kinds of dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry sauce.

Yum! By the way, for all those who make their cranberry sauce from scratch as I do, add a pinch of cinnamon. Really enhances the flavor!

Dessert was lemon pie, pumpkin pie, brownies, and cheesecake. 

Double yum! 

It was delicious, and all the better this year because we were defying the “advice” of our masters.


We next hear from Derek Chiasson in Washington State. He writes that he hasn’t donned

a mask once since the “pandemic” started, so I’m pretty open about thinking this whole thing is nonsense. …

We had a big family gathering yesterday…, where our governor has forbidden any indoor gathering with anyone outside of your household. There were 12 people spanning 5 households.

Ain’t rebellion beautiful!

Oldest was my mother, 76 years old. No masks, no social distancing, lots of hugs. 

Good for you!

We even played some games that resulted in loud cheering in close quarters. It was pretty great. 

And not that this would’ve changed anything about our plans, but our local police chief in Bonney Lake, WA confirmed that his department won’t enforce gathering restrictions and won’t respond to calls from snitches.

If I used social media at all, I’d have posted a family picture in response to [Gov. Jay] Inslee’s tweet telling people to stay home for Thanksgiving.

I, too, shun social media. But I devoutly hope that its habitués have flooded the internet with just such pictures!


6:11 pm on November 27, 2020