Stuff It, Tyrants

Here’s the first of reports from Defiant Diners regarding their rebellion against lockdowns, masks, anti-social distancing and related evil on Thanksgiving. Mr. Anonymous writes from Utah–

We had 17 people at our house

YES! Unless Mr. A lives in a mansion as sprawling as Gruesome Nuisance’s, his guests probably crowded his table closer than six feet!

including four households.

Yee haw! All “social bubbles” broken!

My sister and her three kids visited from Southern California 600 miles away.

We bought a gigantic turkey that fed everyone, had four different pies and ice cream for dessert,

What varieties of pie? What flavor ice cream? Please, people: we foodies crave particulars!

and the California kids loved playing in the snow in the morning after arriving the day before and spending the night.

NO masks, 

Not even on the turkey?!

and plenty of talk about the ridiculousness of Governor/Tyrant Newsom in California, and others not much better such as Gary Herbert in Utah. Plenty of stories about defiance and ways various persons and companies have circumvented Covid mandates, and plenty of talk about the absurdity of the statistics being put forth by the media and “public health” liars, and their arbitrary and contradictory pronouncements.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but with conversation this scintillating, I’m angling for an invitation to Mr. A’s Christmas get-together!

Oldest persons present were my parents – 65 and 67 years, youngest were a 2-year-old niece and 3-year-old nephew. My four kids are in the age range of 8 to 16. They all had a TON of fun playing together, running around the house and in the snow outside.

Exchanging “viral loads” the while for healthy immune systems!

Plenty of thanks for family and what God had blessed us with, and NOT for politicians, Covid tyranny, and the “Great Reset” cult.

OK, all you other revolutionaries! Put fingers to keyboard and send me details of your delicious defiance!


6:24 am on November 27, 2020