Rosemary’s Baby Speaks

Chip-off-the-old-block Chelsea Clinton recently “celebrated” the death of Antonin Scalia by saying in a speech, “Now that Scalia’s gone we can enact gun control.”  Imagine the media sh _ _ storm if a conservative were ever to say of a deceased leftist supreme court justice, “Now that _____ is gone we can ban abortion.”

This highlights the absurdity of putting everyone’s liberty in the hands of five government lawyers with lifetime tenure.  In early America the Jeffersonians predicted that if such a day ever came, Americans would then live under a tyranny. The Jeffersonian position was that the citizens of the free and independent states (as they are called in the Declaration of Independence), the president, and the Congress were just as entitled as the “supreme” court to interpret the Constitution.  And if the citizens of the free and independent states thought a federal law was unconstitutional, they had a right to nullify that law, or to secede from the compact among the several states.  No permission from the other states was needed, as each state was free and independent.


7:28 pm on October 15, 2016

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