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Subject: Question on Reparations

Dear Mr. Block, Greetings. My name is T, and I have recently familiarized myself with some of your work on reparations for American slavery. I see that you mention reparations for Japanese-American internees in various places, but I have not yet been able to determine whether you think it was moral for the American government to offer these reparations at the American taxpayers’ expense in the late 1980s. Generally speaking, do you think that the government owes reparations to people whose rights it once violated? Or do you think that only individuals can owe reparations? Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Best, T

Good question. As a methodological individualist, I believe there are only individuals who comprise groups such as the government. See, below, my publications on reparations. In my view, the individuals in govt who did this owe reparations to the children of the Japanese.

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8:57 pm on September 12, 2017