Hmmm: Why Wouldn’t Worthless Bureaucrats Measure Their Performance?

The TSA is so entirely useless that even the Feds admit its inanity–repeatedly. The Government Accountability Office has released yet another report documenting this sad fact. It damned the agency’s Federal Air Marshal Service [sic] as

a program that deploys armed law enforcement officers on certain flights at an annual cost of about $800 million for fiscal year 2015 … However, TSA does not have information on its effectiveness …, nor does it have data on the deterrent effect resulting from any of its other aviation security countermeasures.

Ponder that, if you will. The FAMS nonsense steals $800 millionnigh a billion–from us annually, and Our Rulers profess not to know whether it’s effective at fighting turrism! (Right. As if protecting serfs rather than training them to submit is the function of any component of the TSA.)

Furthermore, the GAO found, “TSA … has no efforts underway to systematically evaluate potential cost and effectiveness tradeoffs across all countermeasures.” Of course it doesn’t, you morons! Its goldbrickers realize that if it did, their gravy train would crash and burn faster than the Twin Towers did on 9/11.

Other than intimidating and controlling passengers,  the Thieves and Sexual Assailants have no reason to exist. That they do is a telling commentary on Our Rulers—and an even more telling commentary on the sheeple.


8:53 pm on September 12, 2017