Recommended Readings in Austrian Economics

I am a retired corporate executive holding an MBA from a top tiered university. I have been a fan of Austrian economics for 25 years. I have several books written both by Drs Mises and Rothbard. The purpose of this email is to ascertain if you could recommend all of the Austrian books that I could purchase that would equal to a graduate degree in Austrian economics if I was to study at a university like Auburn or George Mason. I have no interest in going back to school, I just want to achieve a goal of mine to study at a graduate level in a lock-step method and teach myself through your books. I presently have Human Action and Man, State & Economy… which I purchased from your book store. Is this possible to obtain this information for my inclusion and study? I feel that  there is so much more to learn and I would like the knowledge base of a PHD in Economics or closely related. Again, this is strictly a goal and not a necessity for further advancement in my former vocation. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Dear C:

Wow. Those two books, alone, almost comprise an entire grad education in Austrian economics. But not quite.

I would add the following authors:

Menger, Bohm Bawerk, Hayek, Kirzner. Plus, many other publications by Mises and Rothbard.

However, reading alone will not suffice. You also need to interact with other students, scholars, profs, etc. So, I recommend all of the Mises institute daily publications (e.g. and gatherings: mises circles, all over the place, plus the Mises U and the Rothbard Grad seminar, which take place in Auburn, AL.

If I can be of any further help to you …

Here are some books best categorized as intro to Austrianism:

Ballve, 1963; Bien-Greaves, 2012; Butler, 2010; Callahan, 2002; Cox, 2007; Gordon, 2000; Dolan, 1976; Hazlitt, 1946; Murphy, 2010A, 2010B; Ritenour, 2010; Rockwell, 1995; Shapiro, 1985; Schiff and Schiff, 2010; Taylor, 2008; Woods, 2009, 2011

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Butler, Eammon. 2010. ‘Austrian Economics: A Primer . London, UK: Adam Smith Institute;

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Cox, Jim. 2007. The Concise Guide to Economics, Auburn, Alabama: Mises Institute

Gordon, David. 2000. An Introduction to Economic Reasoning. Auburn, Alabama: Mises Institute

Dolan, Edwin G., ed. 1976. The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics, Kansas City: Sheed & Ward,

Hazlitt, Henry. 2008 [1946]. Economics in One Lesson. Auburn, AL: Mises Institute;

Murphy, Robert P.2010A.  Lessons for the Young Economist. Auburn, AL:  Mises Institute

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5:34 am on May 31, 2019