Former Sanders Staffer Warns His Supporters Will ‘Destroy and Divide’ If He Doesn’t Win Nomination

Former Bernie Sanders national staffer Tezlyn Figaro says his supporters will not get behind anyone else who wins the Democrat nomination.

While it is much too early to predict things we can continue to speculate based on past elections and current trends.

I believe the 2016 election was a critical realigning election which began the seventh party system.

I see both the present Democrat and Republican Parties dividing and fragmenting.

The establishment corporate state Democrats who hate insurgents such as Sanders will never suffer a Bernie Sanders candidacy. I see the progressive faction splitting off and forming a Progressive Party (as they did in 1948 with Henry Wallace).

Conversely if Bernie gets the Democratic nomination the angry mainstream partyarchs, Wall Street and corporate financiers, who control patronage and the party machine may split off and create a new party (reference the 1860 election of Stephen Douglas and John Breckenridge).

The #NeverTrump Republicans will secede from the GOP.  There are substantial forces in the GOP establishment who still viscerally hate Trump for the reasons I outlined long ago.

Once again here is what I consider the best article explaining the rise of the Trump phenomena.

Will Trump continue to hold on to (and build upon) this trans-partisan base of support? How will RussiaGate figure into 2020? Will there be criminal prosecutions of those persons who attempted the coup against Trump? How will the economic dynamic figure into the 2020 race? How much will populist nationalism and the culture war between bi-coastal PC elites and the flyover middle class/working class in the American heartland help determine the outcome in 2020?


10:20 am on May 31, 2019