Re: Boudreaux on Hoppe on Immigration

I think rather that Boudreaux’s larger argument is that there should be open borders and it is unlibertarian to think otherwise. But if anyone should be written out of the libertarian movement it is not those who reject open borders, but those who believe in sending U.S. troops over our borders into other countries to bomb, maim, and kill for the state.


3:54 pm on September 15, 2007

re: Boudreaux on Hoppe on Immigration

I’m surprised that Don Boudreaux is apparently unaware that among the best-known opponents of open borders are (or were) the late, great Milton Friedman, Gary Becker, and Thomas Sowell, all of whom are certainly considered to be at least in the beltway libertarian category with regard to their economic theorizing (although Sowell has lately turned into a warmongering neocon of the worst sort).

It’s not a very good debate tactic to pretend that your most prominet opponents don’t exist.


11:51 am on September 15, 2007