A Rasputin Of Our Own

Thanks for the revealing post, Michael. As history rolls on, I think Dick Cheney will be increasingly identified as America’s Rasputin.

In reading history, it’s curious how often malevolent minds can also be petty, Yes, he’s guilty of major crimes (but no one in power is prosecuted these days, as we have learned – too many influential accomplices), but what has always struck me was his behavior during the financial meltdown in autumn 2008.

Cheney was the key man in everything, but he was in fact the only WH official who supposedly knew anything about business and finance (W was innocently ignorant, of course, as usual).

But during those critical days, Cheney was mad at Bush, sputtering that W wouldn’t give Cheney’s criminal pal Scooter a full pardon. He wouldn’t talk to him, and Bush started avoiding him.

As a result, the bailouts flowed as Big Finance ran the show, and “deer in the headlights” McCain balked, then dove, and we all know the rest.

Bush gave us Obama in so many ways. It wasn’t just the wars, it was the malevolent lies.

And yet, it’s Trump whom the neocons blame for “destroying the GOP”!

“Heckuva job, Dick!”

They’re always wrong, and they never EVER apologize.





9:05 am on August 11, 2016

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