Racial Literacy Curriculum and School Violence

Lew’s post on the indoctrination of third-graders reveals the presence of people who are promoting a “racial literacy curriculum” for elementary schools and K-8.

Teaching students to think about themselves, history, society and politics in racial terms from an early age is a terrible, terrible thing to do. Many reasons why such a curriculum is very bad can be brought out, most of them being fairly obvious; but there’s one thing that I’ll hypothesize as an effect of such mass racial teaching that’s not so obvious. It’s something that the promoters do not contemplate, which is that what they’re feeding kids is baloney and the kids are going to sense this. Then what happens? Besides parents being stirred up, what happens?

When a large group of students is forced to “learn” all sorts of contestable propositions about race and be taught to behave in certain racially-determined ways that are not obviously either true or of any worth to them, many will instinctively rebel against the indoctrination. There will be resistance. Some of it will be contained inside the heads of the youngsters, but with emotional effects. Some will find other outlets. In a small number of cases, the resistance is going to be combined with other psychological problems. There may be treatment of such problems with drugs and various so-called “professionals” may intervene. There will be more problem children. Divisions among children will actually get worse. The role of the racial focus in producing rebellious behavior may or may not be recognized; but it will be there. In a tiny number of cases, the result is going to be a violent eruption such as a school shooting. One can predict that if great masses of students are subjected to racial indoctrination and curricula of the kind being proposed and spread, school shootings will increase. Adherence to philosophies of race and culture that go directly opposite to those being taught will also increase.


4:43 pm on November 20, 2019