Put This in Your Hash Pipe and Smoke It

Colorado has become the first state to re-legalize recreational (i.e., not just “medical”) marijuana. Now if the overlords in Colorado and the other 49 states would re-legalize all recreational drugs, it would put an end to this stupid War on Drugs that has been a losing battle (like alcohol prohibition) since it was first started over 40 years ago by the then Warmonger-in-Chief Richard Nixon.

[Thanks to Nickie Abshire]

UPDATE: The State of Washington has also re-legalized recreational marijuana. This trend is not going to thrill our pseudo-liberal Warmonger-in-Chief Obama. His administration has done everything possible to stop states that have legalized just medical marijuana.

MEMO to Pseudo-Liberal Obama: Freedom means that individuals are free to choose to do what they want with their own bodies for everything, not just for abortions and gay marriage.

[Thanks to David Barrow]


11:22 pm on November 6, 2012