Proof Requires Much More

Tom, with all due respect to Rush L. and your blog, Trump’s lawyers have not proved anything to my satisfaction.

1. If Trump’s lawyers got a hold of some Georgia voting machines, there first has to be a trail of custody, written and filmed on video. The machines must have been present during the election, and not tampered with later. Then film should show how they work or are supposed to work.Then comes an experiment in which ballots are fed in. These too have to have an established origin for the experiment. If the experiment weights Biden more highly than Trump as alleged, show it on video. Then replicate it. Also disassemble the machine and find out why this has happened, either mechnically or in the software. There are explanations for everything. If the machine has been tampered with, when could this have happened? Who had it in custody? Who had the know-how?

At a minimum, film the experiments so that anyone can see them and understand what’s going on. We do not get proof from Rush L. or from hearsay. We have to be sure that no one in possession of the machine altered it who meant to discredit the Buden vote. This has to be an honestly blind finding, and Terump’s lawyers or whoever is said to be doing this should know enough to have filmed this from the get-go, and maintained strict control all the way up to and including the experiment. Then it needs to bereplicated by others and investigated.

If we’re going to talk proof or science, then let’s do science, not dark uncontrolled proceedings.

I have no idea qwhether these machines were chosen at random and by a blindfolded method. What is really going on here?

I do not even know if these are Trump’s lawyers. If they are, what’s their charge?

These machines are wvidence and part of a judicial and police procedure. Does anyone there know what must be done professionally to keep this above board and under control? I am not at all satisfied that anything at all has been proven. I think there’s enough to warrant deep investigations under the control of experienced personnel, prosecutors, police with powers to investigate. Nothing sloppy and half-baked will do in this situation. We have to overcome a dreadful recent past in which justice was subverted. This is the context of the election and why we must now go the extra mile. Furthermore, the virus has disturbed the sanity of people in power. That too is context. Doing what is right and rational in these conditions has become a big challenge.One must shift the entire weight of a broken justice system.

The incredible spectacle lasting years of a phony Russian collusion charge, biased inquiries followed by a biased Mueller inquiry and the Schiff impeachment kangaroo court has completely disillusioned me. The country seems to have no justice system worthy of the name. It seems to have lost all sight of proper procedures to achieve justice. It could not even conduct a fair election. America has fallen into a pitiful condition of government and communication. The political officials cannot come up with reasonable approaches to a virus. They keep saying and oing one crazy thing after another. Each new day brings a new outrage from them. “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) on Friday described the Chinese coronavirus as the ‘greatest threat to life in Los Angeles that we have ever faced’ This is an example. He’s sitting on an earthquake fault that’s a bigger threat by far, as was the Cuban missile crisis.

The governors of New York and California are introducing massive uncertainty by tying their opening/closing of business operations to local “CASES”. No small business owner can know how to plan for materials, hours, and labor help under the stop/go insanity of these governors.


7:47 pm on December 7, 2020