Pennsylvania Resistance

No, not feeble-minded airheads who think Hillary Clinton is their real Lord and Savior who was denied her ascent into Heaven by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  I refer to Pennsylvania attorney Gregg Zegarelli who has sued the governor of his state for unconstitutionally declaring legal services to be “non-essential.”

Where is the Institute for Justice in all of this?  They claim to have filed dozens (hundreds?) of lawsuits over government regulations that deprive individuals of economic liberty without due process, as supposedly required by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments (taxi licensing regulation, hair braiding regulations, etc.)  All of these shut-down-and-shut-up dictates by our mini Mussolini mayors and governors are many, many orders of magnitude worse than any due process case the Institute for Justice — or any other group of attorneys — has ever even contemplated.  Entire industries have been essentially shut down, with millions thrown out of work, with no due process at all.   (Not surprisingly, all the ACLU is doing about this is suing a few states for not allowing abortion clinics to remain open.  That of course has long been their top priority).


7:07 pm on April 4, 2020