Parson Goat’s Mentor

Yep, you know it isn’t Christ. 

Ergo, I nominate “the Rev. Andrew Warner of the Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ.” This wolf-in-shepherd’s clothing “describes himself as a gastro-evangelist.” Hmmm. Isn’t that awfully close to “glutton”? 

Actually, such a sin would be preferable to Warner’s jaw-dropping blasphemy: he once baked “200 macarons during the Easter season and offer[ed] them as a playful option to bread during communion.”

“Playful.” Our Satanically wicked race tortured the Son of God to death, yet this heretic adds “playfulness” to the menu of the Lord’s Supper. 

You don’t have to believe to find this obnoxiously offensive. When did making light of Another’s unspeakable agony become acceptable?

Playful.” Wanna bet the UCC promotes this apostate instead of busting him to bulletin-folder? And if you’re wondering why the plandemic’s utter evil flourished in the USSA, look no further than Warner and his ilk. These “clergy” don’t stand in the gap; they are the gap.


1:25 pm on April 6, 2021

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