Parson Goat, That Willfully Ignorant Ol’ Cuss

A “Freed Radical” takes Parson Goat out behind the woodshed and gently but firmly whups him via this open letter. In it, Mr. Radical poses one of my favorite hypotheticals from this past year:

Imagine if 100,000 pastors in America (about a third) publicly refused to shut their doors in the face of government hoaxing. How many ordinary citizens would have rallied to their support? How many businesses would have remained open? How many jobs would have been retained? How many lives would not have been ruined, and how many suicides would have been avoided?

That miracle could have started with you[, Parson Goat], but it didn’t. The next Great Awakening could have launched with you out front, but instead we got the Great Awokening.

The readers’ comments following the letter blessed my soul and, I daresay, that of the friend who forwarded this piece to me. We are not alone in our frustration, despair, and anger at Parson Goat, not by any means!

Underlying the Church’s refusal to defy COVIDCon is its complete and abysmal misunderstanding of Marxism, COVID’s sponsor. With two shining exceptions, every pastor I know (and since I’m the daughter of one as well as a lifelong church-goer, I count several score among my acquaintance) dismisses Marxism, Progressivism, the Demopublicans and such obvious communism as the IRS, Social Security, public indoctrin–sorry, education, Obummercare, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, as politics. They never understand that Marxism is, in fact, a false religion and idolatry; I have yet to meet any clergyman, other than the two already mentioned, who realizes that Karl Marx worshipped Satan, let alone that he devised his diabolical ideology as a deliberate parody of and attack on Christianity.

This gross, sinful ignorance accounts for much of the American Church’s immediate and craven caving last March to the plandemic. Prattling about Romans 13, Parson Goat totally overlooked the central tenet of COVIDiocy and of its parent, Marxism: that the State is god, that there is no other, and that every aspect of our lives is and should be under its control.


9:58 am on April 23, 2021