A Nation of Maskholes?

The mini Mussolinies in my town finally ended their mask dictate.   To its credit, the Krogers grocery store where I shop took down its wear-a-mask signs on the front doors immediately.  The majority of shoppers still wear masks, however.  They are what I coined “maskholes” in a blog several months ago.  It’s been amusing to walk in there mask-less and have people react to me like a colony of monkeys that has just spotted a leopard in the jungle.  I draw double takes and dirty looks.  I overheard one of the bakery section guys say in a panicked voice, “there are people in here without masks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Others have literally scurried away from me pushing their shopping carts as fast as possible without crashing into something.  All the while wearing masks that Lord Fauci says provide foolproof protection.  Especially if you wear two of them after being vaccinated like he does.

No employee or manager has said anything to me because after all, the mask dictate has ended and they did take their signs off the front doors.  One thing we have learned from all this is that the vast majority of Americans are spineless and sheepish little cowards.  That includes most of your family members, doesn’t it?


9:44 am on April 23, 2021

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