The One Question Chris Wallace Forgot to Ask

The Clinton Campaign Chorus (a.k.a. the media) has been behaving like a colony of baboons that has just spotted a python in their tree over Donald Trump’s position that he would first like to see if there has been widespread election fraud before accepting the results of any election.

He said this in response to Chris Wallace’s questioning of whether he would accept the results of the election.  Wallace, who has been widely praised by the Clinton Campaign Chorus (including Mrs. Greenspan, a.k.a. Andrea Mitchell) for his performance, left one thing out:  He failed to ask Hitlery the same question.

After all, it is Hitlery who declared last night that the election is being “rigged by the Russians.”  And it is Hitlery and her Democratic Party that refused to accept the election results when her husband’s understudy, Al Gore, ran against George W. Bush, with their lawyers sending the election results all the way to the Supreme Court.

This of course is a rhetorical question.  There’s no way Hitlery will accept the election results if she loses.  They will sue, they will try to bribe and threaten the members of the electoral college to change their votes, whatever it takes.


1:49 pm on October 20, 2016