One More Bad Thing About Title VII

I received an e-mail from, I am certain, an unprejudiced man in his 70s whose wife is a woman of color. He recounts not ever being biased against black people, having grown up among them in South Africa and lived among people of color in Canada for 25 years and the Philippines for 20 years . He has written to me before with insights. I am sure he’s truthful. Now I quote

“The tragedy is more profound than you state. By osmosis and media brain washing I have now reached a point where I actually have become mentally prejudiced against American Blacks, I actually now perceive them as inferior, when for 70+ years I never had these thoughts.

“The US has done, and is doing to itself something so profoundly wrong that I am not sure they can ever reach their desired state of Intellectual equality. Never mind the fact that 7 billion people are as far from equal to each other as it is possible to get, and that is what it is.”

His point is that the U.S. in 1964 embedded in law, AGAIN, the view that “American Blacks” are “inferior” and has propagated that view for some 54 years now, to the point where otherwise unprejudiced people accept that inferiority as a premise. Inequality becomes equated with inferiority of the people with the legal status of being “lesser”, who by law have to club the whites to accept them on equal terms.

Demands for reparations on a mass basis do the same thing as does the constant harping on racism. The race-hustlers and race-mongers elicit the not-entirely-logical idea that black inequality means black inferiority.

His second main point is that human beings are unequal and that’s the way it is. They are unequal in so many ways that attempting to make them equal leads the nation profoundly astray. Making people equal is a far different thing than law treating people equally.


8:29 am on March 1, 2019