Oh, Glorious Promise: “We Will Be Violating the Judge’s Order”!!!!

Thrill to this prediction from Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in California, where Comrade Gavin Nuisance—sorry, Newsom: why do I always make that mistake?–has forbidden churches to assemble:

…we will be violating the judge’s order, we will be open this Sunday … Now, I don’t know what that means as far as who’s gonna stop us, but we’re planning on having services at 9, 11, and 1.”

Those are indoor services, mind you. Sans that talisman of the occult, masks, and the hostile, anti-Biblical “social distancing.” 

Nor does Pastor McCoy’s heroism end there: he “was a former Thousand Oaks mayor who resigned his post as City Council member on April 4 after Gov. Gavin Newsom declared churches nonessential…”

Oh, wow!!!!! A Christian who actually reveres his Lord rather than politicians and the almighty paycheck! As Lee Olson, who alerted me to this story, says, “Rob McCoy is the real McCoy.”  Indeed—and he puts the Goats to utter shame, doesn’t he? I look forward to watching so stalwart a champion of the faith receive his reward in eternity! And please God, every Parson Goat will be watching, too, through bitter tears at his own cowardice. 

Not surprisingly, Ventura County sued the church and pastor.

Our hero

described the measures taken by the county as “draconian” and denied that the church has put anyone danger, saying there have been no COVID-19 cases at the church.

We’re going to keep worshiping God, if they seek to arrest me and the thousand of you, it’s almost like the first thousand get a prize: You get a citation. It’s a misdemeanor. You want to be one of the thousand? Come.”

Told you he irrefutably reproaches the Goats, didn’t I?!!!!

Meanwhile, imagine the heavenly reward that citation will earn you! Saints in California, gird yourselves for battle and sing hosannas as you march to worship with this latter-day Elijah!

May the Lord rescue Pastor McCoy and his congregants from California’s enforcers as dramatically and permanently as He did His prophet from Ahaziah’s!


3:13 pm on August 12, 2020