Ocasio-Cortez Is a Marxist

Ocasio-Cortez is not stupid, although what she endorses, which is marxism, is no good whatsoever. She’s a Marxist. She accepts marxism, she believes in marxism, she endorses marxism, and she continually promulgates marxism.

Democratic socialism is a flavor of marxism. Ocasio-Cortez believes that the country can change its culture, its economy, its social structure, its wealth-producing methods, its beliefs, and its politics to achieve what marxism envisions. No country has yet done this with any type of marxism, and that includes democratic socialism. They’ve all failed, every last one, because marxism is a theory of mankind, society, economy and politics that’s entirely incorrect. All these comments are directed at marxism applied to an entire society.

Democratic socialism is marxism, and as marxism it condemns private property. It condemns private ownership of capital, or the means of production, which is everything that goes into producing the goods that keep us alive, sheltered, clothed, healthy, fed, entertained, and other such values. In marxism, everyone is called upon to work to the extent they can for a common good or a common pool of goods. One doesn’t work directly for oneself. One doesn’t try to progress, because it gets you nowhere. The more you try to build up your wealth, the more that it’s taken away from you.

Marxism promotes freeloading and shirking. Everyone has an incentive to let others do the work and to draw goods from the common pool. This never works to promote the production of goods. Starvation is the result. Marxism of any type always fails because its incentives are totally perverse.

Imagine working and your pay goes all to the government or the “democracy”. The “democracy” decides what you will get. The “democracy” turns out to be an impossible way to make the countless decisions that have to be made in order to get people to work effectively and economically to produce what other people need, and then to distribute these goods when, where and how to make people happy. The attempts at democracy as a substitute for prices and markets fail. Invariably, a bureaucracy of power-seekers accumulates power and dictates. Marx conjured up such concepts as the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, a kind of democracy of the working class. Instead, every attempt at socialism either fails because it doesn’t deliver the goods, or else it’s transformed into command-and-control by bureaucrats, administrators, managers, politicians, none of whom themselves face the control by those they claim to be feeding, clothing, housing, etc. The consumer is definitely not king in any marxist system.

Keep remembering that Ocasio-Cortex is a marxist. She has imported appeals to end all forms of “racism”. She has imported a form of environmentalism. She has imported the Clinton-Obama rhetoric of making “investments” in society and economy. But she’s a marxist, which means that these are all hopes, specific hopes designed to gain adherents. They are “ends”, like Marx’s happy prosperity of all was an end. There are no means of attaining these ends through abolishing private property, however. Our existing methods of producing wealth work, more than adequately.

Marxism, including democratic socialism, means that one works for everyone else and they work for you. That’s the theory. That’s one big reason it fails. People are not motivated to work for the good and happiness of others in any system where one is not credited with what one produces. Ocasio-Cortez says that all decisions will be made democratically. Group voting and consensus procedures replace current methods of organizing ourselves to produce wealth. In our existing systems, we have pervasive methods of responsibility, accounting, prices, incentives not to shirk and freeload, control over waste, attribution of efforts, and rewards for productivity. Democratic socialism or any form of marxism erases all this and replaces it with “democratically” made decisions, or basically a communism that’s supposed to be viable and work. It doesn’t, because abolishing prices and markets destroys a raft of incentives that properly connect production to what consumers want and need. This is the price system. This is free markets. Unless consumers are satisfied, they do not buy the goods.

Karl Marx and all socialists, including Ocasio-Cortez, hate the middle class. They call it “bourgeois”. They claim it’s materialistic. They hate its conventional morality and attitudes. Ocasio-Cortez hates “plastic”, she says. She loves the goods that private property produces, but she hates loving them. Ocasio-Cortez hides her other hatreds. Sooner or later, they’ll come out of her mouth if they haven’t already done so. Her marxism so far is adapted to America. Working class and workers are terms that have replaced proletariat. Criticism of the middle class as bourgeois has been replaced by a hundred other terms and accusations. It’s all the same old marxism. It’s all the same old marxist garbage.

Marxism stays alive, despite its gross faults as philosophy and analysis of human life, because of what it promises. Marxism survives because its diagnosis seems comprehensive and attractive. It sounds wonderful, promising much in exchange for little sacrifice. It promises a carefree life for all, maybe not paradise on earth but something close. Marxism survives as a hope, a kind of secular godless religion, that promises a wonderful transformed life for human beings.

To understand democratic socialism of someone like Ocasio-Cortez, one must constantly bear in mind that it’s simply a type of marxism. Its failure if implemented is due to the gross faults and wrong analysis of Karl Marx and his followers. Karl Marx has had a tremendous influence. He still does, but marxism is garbage. His theories are all wrong. They’re worse than worthless. Marx didn’t understand capitalism. He didn’t understand prices and the price system. He got it all wrong, and his followers today, marxists like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, are still getting it all wrong.


5:50 am on March 10, 2019