Obeying God For A Change Rather than Comrade Nuisance and the CDC

Well, well, well: more rebellion against Comrade Noxious Nuisance!

Churches in California barely had enough time to process the state ban on singing,” begins a report a reader there sent me, “…when Gov. Gavin Newsom dealt them another setback Monday, ordering gyms, salons, malls and houses of worship to shut down in the wake of a surge in coronavirus cases. … Houses of worship across Southern California had mixed reactions Tuesday to the newly ordered closures, ranging from total compliance to rebellion.”

“Total compliance,” indeed. Thank you, Parson Goat: “The Roman Catholic dioceses of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino have all told parishes to discontinue indoor Masses and other liturgical services, but have encouraged outdoor Masses, in accordance with state directives.”

Even more infamously, Pastor Jeff Gill of “megachurch” Calvary Chapel South Bay, prates,

Some have made this into a constitutional issue

How dare they? Is this any time to worry about picayune crap like freedom of assembly and religion?

“I’ve seen an awful lot of complaining and name calling, which is just not conducive to our mission”—

Yeah, nothing ruins a good session of kissing Leviathan’s butt more than complaining and name calling, am I right?

—“and it’s really hindering the voice of the church. People are going to remember what we do during this time. We have to focus on the positive and look for solutions.”

He’s quoting James 16:31 there: “Brothers, when rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed, thou shalt focus on the positive and look for solutions to please the ungodly.”

On a much brighter note, defiance of Nuisance has spawned a new hero. Meet Pastor Tim Thompson of the 412 Church in Murrieta (yep, I’m curious about the name too. But a glance at their website shed no light). His congregation “has been meeting in person in defiance of state orders without social distancing or facial coverings,” and it “plans to continue in similar fashion.”

Hear, hear!

Pastor Shepherd—sorry, Thompson denounced “Newsom’s latest order” as “government overreach.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, as if that isn’t enough, it gets better:

“We’re seeing these mandates coming from the governor with numbers that really don’t make sense,” he said, adding that the surge in infected patients, he believes, is because of increased testing and more sick people coming from Mexico. “I don’t know what (Newsom’s) endgame is here and what he’s trying to accomplish.”

I do, sir: nothing short of annihilating Christianity, individuality, freedom, and America, too, while he’s at it, particularly its whiter two-thirds.

Church has been incredible,” [Rev. Thompson] said. “People are coming to church, they are worshiping, they are singing and hugging because it’s one of the few places they can still do that. Our church is a place of normalcy in a world that is not normal.”

Thompson said he has no intention to close, practice social distancing or ask his congregants to wear masks.

Whoa! I may have to move to California, much as I detest its fruit and nuts.

“We are not able to fully carry out the mandates of God if we are social distancing,” he said.

Oh, good gracious! This guy gets it!

“I’m not afraid of this virus one bit.”

Wait, what was that? A fearless Christian? One who isn’t mollycoddling the cowards among his parishioners and expecting everyone else to do likewise? Where did this guy come from?

“I would hope many pastors across the state would fear God more than they fear Gavin Newsom.”

Double whoa! My circuits just exploded! How long have we been hoping, praying, crying for a pastor to say these precise words?

Praise the Lord! And beseech Him on behalf of this dear brother, because a rocky, which is to say litigious, road may lie ahead: an “attorney with Tyler Bursch, a Murrieta-based law firm that is representing 412 Church and numerous other congregations across the state, …said her firm is considering mounting a legal challenge” to Nuisance’s persecution of Christians.


1:17 pm on July 15, 2020