Noisy Nuisance

Speaking of California, Comrade Gavin Nuisance–sorry, Newsom has dictated that Christians remain silent in church rather than praising the Lord in song, as the Bible frequently and repeatedly commands.

Thank God, some of His clergy are finally defying these despicable tyrants. One gentleman, in fact, veered close to calling Nuisance a racist:

Pastor Les Simmons of South Sacramento Christian Center said his church will do all they can to protect the flock but notes that singing is a cornerstone of services.

“In particular, the black culture, singing in churches goes all the way back from 400 years ago during slavery up until now,” Simmons told KCRA. “Singing was our thing that got us through.”

And another compares Nuisance’s annihilation of freedom with the Soviets’. In an “Open Letter to The Honourable Gavin Newsom, Governor of California from His Eminence Kyrill Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America” (thanks to Yvonne Lorenzo for the link), the latter writes, 

During the years of Soviet rule, when the Russian Orthodox Church was subjected to persecution, Russian émigrés and their descendants comprising the Russia Church Abroad, came to the United States of America and other countries overseas, in order to freely confess their Orthodox Faith, to freely perform Divine Services, to observe the feast days, fasts and all the customs established by the Orthodox Church. In this manner, they followed the example of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, who sought the possibility of freely confessing their faith.

From the very beginning of the current global outbreak of the coronavirus the clergy and faithful of our Diocese, desiring to preserve the health of the population and stop the spread of the coronavirus, and respecting those in power, 

Big mistake, Archbishop. 

rigorously strove to adhere to all the standard norms and restrictions introduced by local health authorities. … However, we now observe a contradiction in that mass protests take place everywhere, at which absolutely all precautions are violated with impunity. Yet, liturgical singing performed during the Divine Services and while observing all of the rules,

Another enormous error. Obedience never placates bullies, Archbishop. Rather, they interpret it as weakness and prey all the more enthusiastically on their victims.

is forbidden. This is open discrimination, hypocrisy and the infringement of our religious rights, prompting us to recall the era of godless persecutions in the USSR.

Nonetheless, we will continue to pray with gratitude “for this land, its authorities and armed forces…”

So will I, Archbishop, daily and even hourly. But I daresay my prayers differ from yours.


12:49 pm on July 14, 2020