Obama’s Privacy

Suppose I’m the government and Obama is a mere private citizen. I inform him that I’m using my power to collect and store all of his telephone calls and e-mails without warrant and without probable cause of wrongdoing. I may at my option examine them in the future, should there arise certain possibly changing and unknown markers of national security that I shall determine. Would Obama, I wonder, object to this? Or would he tell me “Fine. That’s not domestic spying. That’s also constitutional. Go right ahead.”?

A child knows better than Obama, in his statement denying domestic spying, that the U.S. government has demolished bounds of privacy and propriety that, when absent, must inhibit free communications and must give those who control the stolen information the upper hand over anyone and everyone.

This does not bother Obama (and it didn’t bother Bush) in the slightest, because they believe in benevolent government and themselves as benevolent government leaders, not the tyrants and usurpers that they are.


12:19 pm on August 7, 2013