No Wonder Smith and Wesson is Leaving Massachusetts

Last week Smith and Wesson announced that it is relocating from Springfield, Massachusetts to Tennessee after being in the same location since the nineteenth century.  They just can’t take all the gun control/tax-ammunition-out-of-existence policies favored by the politicians in the Union of Massachusetts Socialist Republics (UMSR).

My brother-in-law is losing his job there as the finance guy at a nursing home because he refused to take the experimental gene-altering, blood clot/heart attack/sterilization/miscarriage-inducing transhumanism drug.  He claimed a religious exemption but they gave him a big middle finger in response.  This is all because the Bolshevik-Biden administration threatens to withhold Medicare and Medicaid funding for any nursing home where less than 100% of all employees are jabbed.  My brother-in-law will work at home at the job until they find a nice compliant, slavery-loving replacement but here’s the clincher that speaks volumes about how crazed he UMSR politicians have become:  He had to get special permission from the state government to sit in his kitchen alone with a company laptop to do his job for the next month or two.  Then he’ll be out of work, just in time for Christmas.

Hordes of people from the Northeast are flooding Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and other much freer, non-Yankeefied Southern states.  My impression is that most of these migrants are leaving because they are finally fed up with the cold, socialist, Yankee North as its totalitarian impulses have finally gone off the chart.  If they want to turn Massachusetts (and New York, Illinois, California, etc.) into totalitarian communist hellholes, let ’em.  Just leave the rest of us out of it.  All of the migration to freer states is already a sort of effective secession.  We need to see it become more formalized.



8:01 am on October 6, 2021

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