No Sense of Irony Among Warmongers

Someone was kind enough to add me to the mailing list of a welfare-warfare group called Today I got a fundraiser from a congressman on its behalf, boasting about his heroic history as a Marine, such as his “clearing houses” in Iraq. That is, he and his armored buddies would break into poor people’s homes to seize fathers and husbands for US torture camps, leaving bereaved mothers and children even more destitute and vulnerable. Sometimes, the home invaders just shoot everyone in the house, of course. Nor are rapes unheard of.

The congressman also hailed his killing of “insurgents.” Funny how poor men who defend their country from foreign aggressors are so stigmatized. Then he promised to “keep [US] communities safer from gun violence.” This from a man who has wreaked gun violence on plenty of communities as a cruel agent of the empire.


12:27 pm on May 13, 2015

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