No Lady, I Don’t Support the Troops

The irascible John Lofton sends along this picture.


I think John has just cause for his indignation. He comments:

THE SMILING LADY cashier at our local supermarket wants to know if I would like to add to my checkout bill a few dollars “to support our troops?” I say something like (I’m paraphrasing)” “HELL NO!!!” In a mini-rant I note (with absolute air-tight logic) that I do not want to give a few dollars “to support our troops” because I DO NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!! And I do not support them, I explain, because they have waged, and are waging, wars that are unGodly, unConstitutional and STUPID, murdering many innocent people wasting TRILLIONS of dollars. When the cashier lady begins to say something like how I should not blame the troops because they are just going where they are told to go, I cut her off noting that we hung Nazis at Nuremberg who tried the just-following-orders bit! And now, I say, we are sticking our nose in the Ukraine mess, which is NONE of our business! The cashier lady says: “But, we won’t be able to bully the Russians.” I agree. The lady customer behind me looks stunned but her facial expression seems to say she agrees with me. But, she says nothing.


8:56 pm on March 8, 2014