No Jab? Die!– Part 2. Or, Better Yet, We’ll Execute You

A letter to the editor of the Washed-Up Toast–sorry, Washington Post lays the groundwork for capitally punishing those who refuse the Jab. Its writer casts COVIDCon as a war into which “we’ve all been drafted.” He lists the weapons of that war: masks, anti-social distancing, and “thankfully” the Jab. “We have a duty,” he prattles, “to take up those arms to defend ourselves and each other.” Those who don’t are deserters (yeah, I know: the leaps in logic here are breathtaking). And if they encourage others to dereliction of that duty, they’re guilty of treason (ditto).

Matthew Makovi, who spotted this drivel, was kind enough to send me a snapshot of it since it’s behind the Washed-Up’s paywall, and I’m danged if I’ll waste one red cent on propaganda. Mr. Makovi analyzes this agitprop as “invok[ing] martial rhetoric and … specific articles that indeed result in execution by the state.”

Hmmm. But first Leviathan must disarm its victims. Yet another reason to defend the Second Amendment at all costs.

Meanwhile, the writer is an apparatchik of the regime, one Leo Fishel, an “in-house consultant with the Federally Qualified Health Center program.” So did he pen this poison on his own initiative? Or is it a trial balloon floated on behalf of his agency?

Either way, Mr. Makovi concludes, “It should be no surprise the contempt that the government and its agents have for the people, but to see it so casually displayed is something of a shock.”


4:34 pm on October 6, 2021

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