Newt Gingrich Reminds Us Why We Loathe Him

Gingrich replies to Michael Moore’s criticism of “American Sniper”: “Michael Moore should spend a few weeks with ISIS and Boko Haram. Then he might [email protected] I am proud of our defenders.” U.S. snipers our are defenders? Are they perched atop a U.S. building ready to pick off some foreign invader of the  United States? Of course not. Chris Kyle did not kill to defend any American. He did not kill for my “right to post some dumb ass s**t” about him, like I was told yesterday. He killed, by his own admission, because he thought that Iraqis were savages who deserved to die and because he liked killing them. He killed for his bloated ego, not to defend the United States.


7:26 am on January 20, 2015