Don’t Let “Veterans” Get Away With Whistling Past the Graveyards They Created

In the post where Newt Gingrich ridiculously defends snipers as “our defenders” there is a video interview with another veteran sniper who repeats the Nuremberg Trial Defense of his actions:  “We were only taking orders.”  He said that the politicians create the wars, then once that is done it is “our job” to complete “successful missions.”

The fatal flaw in this endlessly-repeated defense of murder for fun and profit by our “veteran” paid killers for the state is that it ignores the fact that they are all VOLUNTEERS.  They VOLUNTEERED to put themselves in a position to be ordered to murder foreigners who pose no threat whatsoever to anyone in the U.S.  They do so because the pay is good, they enjoy killing, and they enjoy being part of the typical 100,000 to 1 troop advantage in all of the U.S. government’s wars on tiny little countries like Iraq, which did not even have either an air force or a navy.

It would be different if they were drafted and faced with 5-7 years in a government cage for resisting, or shot for deserting, as was the policy of the first  of the U.S. government’s national conscript armies during the Lincoln regime.  Even in that case, the real heroes were the draft evaders and deserters in all these unjust, offensive wars who refused to be literally enslaved by the state and ordered to murder their fellow citizens, or else.


9:13 am on January 20, 2015