Neocon Hypocrisy (Or Do I Repeat Myself)

So, according to Dubya, we owe our freedom in America to “freedom abroad.” Translating from Dubya-ese into plain English, this means “freedom” comes from perpetual attempts to invade, conquer, and occupy any and all foreign nations that Dubya himself deems to be un-free. This of course is a complete and total repudiation of the forieign policy philosophy of the American founding fathers, such as George Washington, who warned ominously against becoming involved in “entangling alliances” abroad or in taming other countries’ “monsters,” as President John Adams warned against. These wise men understood the age-old dictum (even then) that War is the Mother of the State, as Randolph Bourne said, and that the growth of the state ALWAYS leads to less freedom, not more.

The disgustingly hypocritical aspect of all this is that Dubya and his neocon speechwriters routinely invoke the names of the founding fathers to rationalize this monstrous scheme. And the red state, fascist-minded lapdogs all fall in line. That, indeed, is the primary purpose of such neocon propaganda mills as the Claremont Institute, which exists only to twist the words of the founders around, in fine Straussian fashion, to support any and all interventionist policies by the Republican Party. (In addition to all their lying about Lincoln, of course).


6:46 am on January 21, 2005