Must Watch: Fascinating Conversation/Interview with Master Litigator/Political Analyst Robert Barnes

George Szamuely and attorney and political analyst Robert Barnes discuss the Chauvin trial, the bizarre antics of the Biden administration, Trump’s future prospects and the strange affair of Matt Gaetz.

This entire interview is exceptional but the first segment on the Chauvin trial contains extremely pertinent backstory information and detailed dissection of the George Floyd episode you will not find any where else.

Again Barnes’ superb analysis of the rise, fall, and post-election antics, behaviors and foibles of Trump is second to none, and not to be missed.

Not only is Barnes a master litigator and top notch attorney but one of the most in depth, articulate, well read and street-smart experienced political analysts in the nation. Whether it involves the institutionalized criminal machine cartels of the Democrats and Republicans or the deep state, he is a true polymath reminiscent of Murray N. Rothbard in his power elite analysis of Realpolitik.


4:56 pm on April 3, 2021