“Have They Even Read the New Georgia Election Law?”

This is a question being asked by conservatives and others who are criticizing major league baseball, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, and other corporations that are “protesting” the law.

The answer is YES they have, which is why they are protesting.  The law requires voter I.D., the exact same thing you must do to get on a Delta Airlines flight or pick up tickets at any major league baseball park ticket window.  If requiring I.D. to vote is racist, then so is flying on Delta Airlines, opening a bank account, etc.  The law’s sole purpose is to deter the immense voter fraud machine constructed by the Democrat party that was on display in the November elections.  Since these corporations are now arms of the Democrat party, of course they are dead set against anything that deters voter fraud.  Honest elections could stand in the way of the Democrat pipedream of turning America into another socialist sh*thole country with the San Francisco-ization of the entire nation and must therefore be stopped at any cost.  They are doing this because they are evil, freedom-hating, power-mad, totalitarian elitists, not because they are confused or not very well-read.


9:27 am on April 4, 2021

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