“Most Trusted Man In America” Walter Cronkite – “I’m Glad to Sit Here at the Right Hand of Satan”

Lew, thanks for posting Walter Cronkite at the World Federalist Association on receiving the 1999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award. Cronkite was for decades a secret globalist and covert supporter of world government. The veteran CBS broadcaster and nightly anchorman was once considered “the most trusted man in America.” “Uncle Walter” was a former US Army military intelligence agent and one of the most prominent media figures in the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird effort to control and manipulate the press’ distortion of the news. Cronkite was the leading media proponent of the Warren Commission lies to the public, of which he hosted many documentaries and broadcasts misleading his viewers. Here he is being introduced by former US congressman John Anderson, the 1980 National Unity Party presidential candidate who received an astounding widespread regime media presence in his campaign against Democrat Jimmy Carter, Republican Ronald Reagan, and Libertarian Ed Clark. Anderson won support among Democrats who became disillusioned with Carter, as well as Rockefeller Republicans, independents, liberal intellectuals, and college students. Be sure to not miss Hilary Clinton’s remarks at the end.


8:14 pm on July 8, 2022

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