More on The Marxists’ Martyr

While I was writing about Pastor James Coates, I had to keep reminding myself he’s not in China or North Korea but next door, in Canada. Everlasting shame on Trudeau and his gang of despots! May they meet the same fate as their fellow dictator to the south, Andrew “the Godfather” Cuomo. 

Meanwhile, if you’d like to help our persecuted brother, here’s a petition urging those unspeakable tyrants to release him.

And his church has issued an “epic statement…may be the best thing you’ve read since the start of the Coronasanity,” in the words of the admirer who posted it, “…one of, if not the most, eloquent and hard-hitting statements on the pandemic, liberty, actual science, and theology of the past year.” Thanks to Rocco Piserchia for sending it my way.


7:44 pm on February 20, 2021