Karma for Cuomo

Oh, how delightful to watch his fellow piranhas–sorry, Demonrats circling New York’s Murderer-in-Chief! Andrew Cuomo is a sociopath and born political animal, and that kind doesn’t die easy. But it does seem that this time he’s mortally wounded: no fewer than 9 “Members” of the state’s Assembly signed a “Cuomo Emergency Powers Removal Memo.” Politicians are seldom if ever noted for their courage, especially New York’s. These leeches wouldn’t dare even say “Boo” to so powerful an autocrat unless they smelled his blood in the water—and in the ink the corporate media gushes as they turn on their darling dictator and former idol. 

Meanwhile, Christine Ross raised an intriguing point after my previous blog on the Murderer-in-Chief: 

…I certainly agree that Cuomo should lose his magical superpowers to make every New Yorker’s life miserable.

And he should be recalled, too.

But having said that, the PCR test does not work, [so] there is no objective way of determining who died of COVID and who didn’t in the nursing homes.

So how can they kick him out for sending “COVID patients” to nursing homes when we don’t even know who had it in the first place?

I responded, 

Delicious, isn’t it, to think that this despot may be hoist in his own petard! Here’s a tyrant who’s made his name on a (nonexistent) virus—and he’s now going to fall by it, too. I understand the paradox you’re citing, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest: he can’t claim on the one hand that he shd dictate NYers’ apparel b/c of COVID and, on the other, that we can’t know who had COVID and who didn’t so therefore he’s innocent.

My personal opinion, which really doesn’t matter, is that he deserves the death penalty for so vastly exceeding his office’s power. And for his corruption: all sorts of backroom deals between him, hospitals and nursing homes put millions of dollars in his re-election coffers.

But that’s mere fantasy at this point. The only “punishment” “Democrats in the state legislature are discussing” is “the possibility of stripping Cuomo of his emergency powers, which grant him unilateral control over the state’s response to the pandemic.” This killer should be facing decades in prison at the very least, and in a just world, New York would restore the death penalty just for him; as Christine observed, 

… who knows how many people he has killed either by design or by destroying their livelihoods, driving them to suicide, freezing to death on the streets after losing their homes and businesses, etc?

And we haven’t even mentioned Cuomo’s bullying. Wouldn’t you think, with the recent obsession against such, that his infamous intimidation would have precluded the media’s love affair with him? But that will make his plunge all the more entertaining: here’s a thug who made as many enemies on the way up as possible, all of whom will be hissing and kicking him on the way down. Sic semper tyrannis!

Speaking of bullying, can you imagine Cuomo’s screaming tantrums at “top aide Melissa DeRosa[, who] had privately admitted to state Democratic lawmakers that the administration had withheld the total nursing home death toll” and inadvertently blew the whistle? A word of advice to this despicable Progressive: flee, woman. Far and fast, before Cuomo puts a horse’s head in your bed and a literal knife in your back. 

Finally, I can think of only two drawbacks to this delectable drama: 

1) While it’s utterly satisfying to see this criminal’s evil catching up with him, alas, it will end with another sociopath replacing him and continuing to tyrannize New Yorkers.

2) That nauseating buffoon and twit, Alexandria Cortez-Whoever, has jumped on the “Investigate Cuomo” bandwagon. Yeah, I know: she’s an insatiable narcissist who must always be the center of attention. But I resent her intrusion. She’s dampening my enjoyment. 

Well, you can’t have everything. I’m off to pop some corn and savor another batch of articles on Cuomo’s comeuppance!


5:51 pm on February 20, 2021