Mocking Masks

Tim reports:

I had to go to Wal-mart the other day and decided to try and display the absurdity of the mask orders and the store’s enforcement of them by going overboard.  I wore a balaclava with a respirator and tinted ski goggles over the top.  My entire head was covered so that no one could even see my eyes.  I didn’t see anyone even bat an eye except for one Walmart employee and a middle aged couple who stopped me to voice approval of my taking it all seriously.

And these imbeciles vote. No wonder the country’s in such dire straits.

Worse, I commented on that to a few people I know and most of them thought it was reasonable that no one noticed and that I wasn’t kicked out of the store.


…no one should ever be allowed to walk around a store with their entire head completely covered and not even eyes visible.  That stands even more so in July in a summer when most cities have been severely vandalized by masked thugs. …

Also, even with less than 15 minutes total wearing the masks I was still short of breath and had a headache by the time I walked out of the store.  I freely admit that I am not in great shape but I’ve always been able to walk for longer than 15 minutes without suffering any ill effects.  I also mentioned that to a couple friends who have been defending masks and their only response was that I shouldn’t have worn the respirator and I would have been able to breathe.

Yep, in our topsy-turvy universe, “an apparatus to produce artificial respiration” suffocates instead while Tim’s exquisite parody shoots far past the Masked Morons.


9:23 am on July 8, 2020