Busting Bus Drivers

Responding to No Wonder Masked Morons Can’t Reason, David Sarosi

consider[s] a school bus filled with kids being driven by someone with a mask on and low O2/high CO2 levels.  Not that parents who send their kids to government day prisons actually care about them.  But a point I make whenever the subject of masks comes up.

You might suppose that this impending danger would prod Leviathan’s lackeys to remove their kids from the educational gulag and discard their muzzles. But have you noticed that the Masked Morons are impervious to common sense? Whether it’s their years of brainwashing in those same schools, their hours upon hours before the TV, their Progressive religion, or the primacy they give emotion over rationality, these serfs cannot follow a logical argument, much less act on it.


9:50 am on July 8, 2020