Military Nonsense and Hard Truths

Nonsense from Franklin Graham and Donald Trump; hard truths from yours truly.

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., on February 2, President Trump remarked about the Navy SEAL who was killed in Yemen: “He died in defense of our nation. He gave his life in defense of our people. Our debt to him and our debt to his family is eternal and everlasting.” Trump then went to Dover Air Force Base to meet the plane carrying the remains of the SEAL. This impressed Franklin Graham, son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham. “I applaud the fact that our president cared enough to be there as this fallen hero who had served multiple tours overseas was returned home,” he said. “Join me in praying for Chief Petty Officer Owens’ family, that God would put His loving arms around them and comfort them as only He can.”

For the 1000th time, U.S. military personnel have no business in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. They are not heroes. They are pawns and dupes of the state. They died in vain and for a lie. They died for the U.S. empire, not in defense of the United States.

Yes, these are hard truths. This Navy SEAL was someone’s son and grandson and I know his family is grieving. Please do everything you can to keep young men (and women) from joining the military.


11:01 am on February 9, 2017