Masked Bandits Steal Our Liberty

The worldwide war on freedom is nearly a year old. Oh, not that our planet has ever loved liberty—but at least almost every nation on it hasn’t previously attacked the individual’s sovereignty as vigorously and absurdly as rulers have these past months. And over flu! Not a killer flu, either, unless Andrew Cuomo is involved

But of course, we expect that from the sociopaths in office. What shocked far more was Americans’ easy acquiescence as “Public Health” bureaucrats joined with politicians to destroy our lives, fortunes, futures, and society. Why would owners of family businesses, children of parents in nursing homes, and parents of children in school obey any despot ordering them to stay home, shun even their families, and restrict their own breathing? And why have so many serfs complied with tyrants’ sartorial orders on masks? Don’t they understand that they thereby encourage the political criminals to continue their spree? Don’t they care that their diapers say, “No matter that you’ll fine or even cage me if I don’t dress to suit you: everything’s good”? 

But despite widespread submission, some Patriots stand true to liberty. Here they describe their particular theaters and battles in the Mask War:

Wes Baker notes, 

In the rural parts of Alabama mask wearing is mostly non-existent.  Zilch.  One ol’ boy, at the local watering hole, said the other day, ‘you can sure tell who the fear porn consumers are, and I’ll betcha that ain’t their only vice….!’

Wise man!

So I went to a large-practice dentistry yesterday in a nearby small town.  Zero masks except when the hygienist began to clean my old incisors.  The dentist, an old friend of mine, sardonically said the mask wearing has been great for business.  Gum disease and cavities are through the roof.  Particularly in the boomer generation – of which he’s a member.  ‘They’, he said, ‘wear them all of the time.  But’, he added, ‘not nearly as much as the millennials.  They wear them constantly….’  He went on, ‘We just had a sorority girl in from Tuscaloosa.  Three extensive cavities and complaining of sore gums when she chews.’  Turns out she had been sleeping in her mask when her roommate had had her little sister stay over on the weekends….

And he doesn’t see them stopping anytime – ever.

I think this is a good thing.  People who do stupid things at the behest of any government psuedo-edict or pop culture mantra should suffer the consequences.  Alone.  Afraid.  Petulant.  With a disgusting pie hole full of disease and rot.

Which endangers the rest of us: the Morons constantly adjust their masks with bare hands, then transfer all those germs to handles on doors, buttons in elevators, produce they examine at the grocer’s…

I had a run-in with one such Moron the other day. He was fairly obese and had stationed himself squarely in front of the bin holding cucumbers; his girth precluded my reaching  around him. To my horror, he was systematically picking up each cuke and squeezing it hard (why? I’m an accomplished cook, and I don’t know what you can discern about a cucumber by pulverizing it that you can’t tell from glancing at it). It wasn’t enough that he was bruising all of them, he was also contaminating them as he’d no doubt fiddled with his mask a dozen time that hour.

“Sir, before you touch them all, could I reach past you for a couple?” I asked, striving to keep my voice neutral instead of hollering in frustration.

Well. There’s something about folks who touch all the produce in a place: they’re generally nuts. He began shrieking, “Wait your turn! Get away from me! Wait your turn!” Then he swivelled and actually saw me. “WHERE’S YOUR MASK?” he screamed, so loudly I expected the manager to materialize. “HUH? WHERE’S YOUR MASK???? You think you’re so much better than me, don’t you, you don’t have to wear one! Look here”—and he began rubbing the cukes he hadn’t yet handled. “SEE? SEE?”

Where’s that manager? I wondered while pondering the absolute imbecility of the Morons.

After this tale from the pit, we head to Georgia, where Michael Formato attends

a SSPX (Real) Catholic Church and there are no restrictions,  masks are up to the individuals,  the priest administers the Holy Sacrament by his hand, to the communicates tongue, while they’re kneeling. You know… there was no plandemic at all.

Instead of conforming to the building capacity restrictions that Stacey…I mean Brian Kemp… imposed this past spring/ summer, our pastor had Holy Mass outside of the church building.   I don’t think it rained the whole time he did it. It’s refreshing to have a pastor like that, compared to the “diocesan” Novus Ordo fake Catholic churches and their weenie pastors and “Archbishop” who says, “no mask, no (fake) Mass”.  Those poor people are not being fed with the Holy Ghost for sure.

Going north a bit, a gentleman observes, 

Like everyone else several areas of NC have been severely locked down.  Some parts, the more rural like I live in, are fully open (50/50 masks) but not a lot of the rest.

In Texas, Ms. Anonymous

headed south to pick up grandkids for spring break, so I stopped off in Austin to see my State Senator (well, a staffer as he was in meetings). I did not wear a mask into the capitol, I did not wear a mask into my elected servant’s office. 

“Elected servant”! Nice touch!

Everyone was just as friendly to me as the poor sheep waiting for the 10th of March when King Abbott said his new executive order to drop his previous illegal order would begin…

Oh brother !!

 I take my mom out to supper.”Now [Daughter], you’ll have to wear a mask when we go into this restaurant”.

“We shall see, Mom”. 

No one says a word to my unmasked face except, “Hi, what will you have”?

I explain to my grandchildren tonight as we go into a hotel without masks and then into a restaurant without masks while every other group but one is masked up, “We can stand without masks, just because the sign on the door says they must be worn… the businesses want to keep from getting sued by jerks. We are not jerks and will not sue them if we get the flu…” 6,9,11,13 yr olds…

We award Ms.A a promotion to Captain and a commendation for teaching children via not only words but sterling example how to fight tyranny!

Nearby, Mark Edward Marchiafava 

drove some 65 miles down to Best Buy in Baton Rouge, LA, with the laptop.

As I cruised the parking lot looking for a parking place, I couldn’t help but notice EVERYONE (except someone’s dog) was masked !  EVERYONE !

Undeterred, I entered, only to encounter a “greeter” fully masked.  Before I even made it TO him, he had already picked up a mask to give me.  

“Sir, we ask that ALL our customers mask up in order to enter.”  

Me? LOL, “you DO know there are medical exceptions to that, yes?”

He didn’t skip a beat and picked up a FACE SHIELD !

I just laughed at him and his goofy face shield.  Still holding my motorcycle helmet, I told him, “I don’t even wear a shield on my helmet, not going to wear one to walk in here.  Maybe I need to find someone other than Best Buy to do business with.”

He immediately suggested HE look at my laptop vs waiting in his precious store for Geek Squad.  Within minutes, problem solved, I left never having worn a mask OR some goofy face shield.

The masses truly are asses.

But at least they diaper themselves to warn the rest of us.

Joe writes,

A couple Ohio patriot groups organized about 20 people to go maskless shopping at Home Depot and Target yesterday, including myself. What we encountered made the nature of the situation clear.

First a sheriff’s deputy working as a security guard asked us not to solicit with handouts, and said nothing other than that. This is in both a county and state in which it has been ‘mandated’ to wear masks indoors and also outdoors when within 6 feet. There were about 5 of us within 2 feet of the maskless sheriff deputy.

At Home Depot the manager turned off the checkout machines and repeatedly said as if reading from a script ‘You are endangering our customers and staff and must leave.’ He said this while he moved his mask off his mouth several times to be able to breath and talk. His mask also never covered his nose. It was obvious he didn’t believe what he was saying and was only carrying out some store policy to keep his job.

After that the group went to Target. No employees questioned us, but a few customers said some insulting cultish things.

The government is not enforcing these mandates the vast majority of the time. It’s nearly a pure media panic driven situation, and only the sheep are bleating at each other to obey at their master governor’s command.

I trust none of LRC’s readers have conceded to the enemy by donning muzzles, but if so, take Joe’s lesson here to heart.

Rick in Oregon has

been doing a bit of manual labor to make a bit of money in these weird times and it has caused me to travel about more often and enter stores.

Yesterday, I decided to buy a kombucha from the little gas station in town as the guy I was chauffeuring went in to grab a Subway sandwich. Subsequently, he was followed into the shop by a mom and 5 kids, all masked. I had to roll my eyes. What utter ignorance. But, they wouldn’t have been allowed in without one.

I walked over to the gas station, sans mask, and was greeted at the door by a young woman, the cashier, wearing a mask, who asked, “Do you have a mask?”

I answered, “No!” and I was a bit more forceful than usual. I guess it’s from being asked so often. My chafe bubbled to the surface. Well, the young lady apologized to me. “I’m sorry, I have to ask.” 

Well this is discomforting and comforting at the same time. I don’t want to be that grumpy old man who comes off as unpleasant. On the other hand, it’s clear that many of those who mask up and are charged with “enforcing” the so-called mandates, are easily intimidated. 

At the tobacco shop the other day, a young tattooed and pierced comrade running the counter asked if I had a mask and then if I wanted to buy one for seventy five cents. I asked her why she thought I would want to do such a thing.

“Well, I can’t serve you unless you stand outside.”

“Just one question,” I requested. “How will you know what I want if I’m standing on the other side of that door?”

Perplexed – I attributed her lack of cognition to the suffocating mask she was wearing – I repeated the question. She had no answer so I went ahead and told her what I wanted, paid her and walked out. 

 As my father-in-law used to say, “dumb as a box of rocks.”

Perhaps congenitally. And then public indoctrin—sorry, schooling and a lack of oxygen finish the job.

Mr. Anonymous reports:

I currently live in a Houston suburb and was “sent home” from worship as I would not wear a mask.

Like being sent home from school, only worse.

My wife and I were told that a place had been provided for “people like you”… facebook live-streaming from the house. That is not acceptable – I never dreamed that I would live to see this level of fear in Christ’s church…so much for faith in God.

Of all the Morons out there, the “Christian” variety is the most despicable. They serve a Lord who repeatedly commands, “Fear not, for I am with you,” “Fear not, I will help you.” Yet they’ve trembled at every prediction of apocalyptic death, trusting the abominably evil CDC instead of Christ, cravenly obeying the State’s “mandates” rather than those of the Bible, and then further insulting the Almighty by claiming that deference to tyrants pleases Him.

Contrast the current Christian cowardice with the courage of the “Black Robed Regiment” during the American Revolution and of Southern pastors during the War of Northern Aggression. Everlasting shame on modern American Christendom.

We’ll close with news from a foreign correspondent embedded in Sweden. Tragically, American rulers wax far more dictatorial than Sweden’s do, according to Henrik: 

Most of the time I don’t think about [COVID], since I don’t read the tabloid scare headlines. “These are the signs you could have the new mutated COVID!” Both me and my girlfriend work from home now, which is nice – there is no need to be at the office when you can keep in touch through Zoom. We don’t wear masks, though you will occasionally see someone wearing one in the store. It’s absurd when Sweden now has only 223 cases considered serious or critical. Though I know a girl who lost her sense of taste and smell for three months, which isn’t nice. But another girl got corona and could go back to work at a school after one week, since she called the hospital again and said she had no symptoms.

There is no mask mandate, and Sweden is doing better than some but worse than some.

The government now recommends masks during the busiest hours on trains, but you are not required to wear a mask if you have a seat reservation. (Meaning, if it’s an ordinary train, not a commuter train where people sit close to each other. Ordinary trains now take in few passengers and seat them away from each other.) I was on a train and going to the bathroom, where a British guy was waiting by the door, wearing a mask. When he noticed me coming, he almost jumped, and then pulled away. No Swede would act like that. An American (maskless) guy in a hallway pressed up against the wall when I passed by. Notably, his old mother did not. Maybe she lives in Sweden but he doesn’t. Swedes just pass by each other in a normal way.

How refreshing!

Though there was a Swedish woman getting on board the train once, wearing a mask. Then she sat down, pulled the mask down to her chin, and had a salad she had bought at the station.

At some workplaces they would stagger work hours. At the dentist’s office, for example, people would work only two days a week, on different days. And there were no patients anyway. But I think it’s back to normal now. And there was no law that said you had to work at different times.

A café that was usually always a busy place only had seven customers per day in May last year. But in the fall they were back to normal. There was no law against keeping cafés and restaurants open.

There wasn’t here, either, but the sheeple pretended otherwise.

The stores have plastic screens hanging in front of the cash register. But you talk to the same people in the normal way when they are working in the aisles. There are stripes on the floor to keep you at a distance from each other when standing in line, and I do so since I would be impolite otherwise. But again, you pass by the same customers in the aisles.

Old people stay in their homes, and have food delivered outside the door. But really old people need help from home services, who visit up to four times a day. They wear those useless screens in front of their faces, and the old people wear them too, or at least some of them do. (In some places its masks for home services, in other places it’s screens, and in some places you can choose. There are both government-owned and privately-owned old folks’ homes, same system as with the private and public hospitals, and the rules differ there too.) Naturally the impopular social democrat prime minister Stefan Löfven recommends masks and screens – what’s he gonna say, take it easy? For a politician it’s always safest to say the most cautious thing. And of course we also have our stories about politicians then dining and partying in large numbers, disregarding their own rules.

The number of corona deaths in Sweden were raised by the government mishandling retirement homes, allowing corona to spread like wildfire in some places.

Whoa! Who knew that Cuomo’s malignity extended overseas?

When looking at the number of dead in Sweden, this has to be kept in mind. This distorts the numbers for the country as a whole, and doesn’t represent the retirement homes right now.

Some college classes are done from home now, and I think that could have been the case at all times. Sports events and similar are cancelled, large gatherings are prohibited. The local grocery store has a sign saying “We follow the recommendations and only allow 70 people at a time”. I think the most I have seen in that small store at one time is 20 people. 

Yep, that tactic has amused me, too! “900 people allowed at one time” says one business I patronize that would exult if 200 people ever descended on it simultaneously.

Schools are open. Kindergartens are open, but parents wait outside when they pick up their kids, and they pick them up at different times. But the kids all play together. Gyms are open, again with signs telling you the maximum number of people, which you wouldn’t reach anyway. Gym classes keep going, but people stand at a distance from each other. No such rule in the dressing room, though.

Last summer I took some nice pictures of the central station in Stockholm emptier than I have ever seen it. And traffic was down to 30 percent. But the station is full of people again, though maybe not as much as a year ago.

I think it was on November 20 that it was decided that any pub or similar that served alcohol had to close at eight. I was on a train when the train conductor’s voice was heard in the loudspeakers, sighing: “Since the bistro serves wine and beer, the bistro now has to close at eight, because of the new law.” This on a train, where people are confined to the same space anyway. You can imagine the man’s frustration. If there hadn’t been wine and beer in the bistro, they could have kept it open.

All in all it’s a patchwork like this, but I still see my friends and my free-time activities have never been cancelled.

At this point the government couldn’t impose curfews even if it wanted to. There was no law that would allow a lockdown, but the one-chamber parliament could have passed one, I guess. There is no Supreme Court to get in the way. But Swedish police nowadays, with the high crime rate, doesn’t go after non-violent crimes any longer. They don’t even investigate burglaries. So they would never go after people for breaking the curfew or not wearing masks in the streets, which would be very visible in neighborhoods with only Arab and Afghan men, who would never follow such a law. 

Would that American men didn’t either. >SIGH<

Such a visible failure is not something the government could afford. You can bet the social democrats and their Green allies, and their backers the Liberals and the Center Party, would love to impose a mask mandate if they could. They were forced to be mellow about this, and mellow worked.

How shameful that Americans didn’t force their social democrats, Greens, Liberals and centrists to chill, too.


1:29 pm on March 8, 2021