“Mask Training.” It’s for the Children.

The Mask Politburo is ramping up quickly.

“Mask Training.” Or “mask endurance,” as they call it. Getting your child used to the conformity and obedience of mask-wearing phases them in to larger orders for conformity and obedience. To quote (and this is beyond disturbing):

There are coloring pages and worksheets to explain the concept. Then, children can put a mask on a favorite doll or stuffed animal or look at photos of other kids wearing masks before trying one on themselves.

…Getting kids to wear a mask can be challenging, but it’s important to find a way for them to feel good about wearing a mask,” according to advice issued by the Cook Children’s Health Care System in Texas. “In fact, since superheroes wear masks, this is a chance for all children to play the part of a superhero when going to the doctor, or going out for walk or bike ride, etc. And, when you have to go to the store or run errands, let them see you putting on your mask and being a superhero too.

So, baiting children to conform under the guise of “being a superhero.” That’s right out of the Communist playbook. And it has taken Americans a mere 4 months to embrace this dictatorial-authoritarian society. It made me feel sick to my stomach to even read this BS. Maybe we should just tell the kids we’ll kill their puppy if they don’t wear it, right?


9:31 am on July 21, 2020