Market and Entrepreneur vs. State and Bureaucrat

Ahmed, entrepreneur, reopened his shop in East Aleppo.

Bureaucrats in China build ghost cities. A gallery of photos is here.

People in the U.S. government naturally favor explicit control by government. They ignore and criticize the unplanned virtues of free markets. This is why they lauded fictional growth in the USSR that didn’t benefit its peoples. The same error is being repeated in thinking of China as an economic giant that threatens America.

This country would do well to do the right thing, which is to get rid of its 100-year and more buildup of State bureaucracies, controls, regulations, wealth redistributions, subsidies, taxes, foreign meddlings and unjust judicial rulings that support the whole structure. Thriving free markets will be the result. America will not be led to regard China as an enemy. America will develop unheard of energy sources and transportation methods. The false justification for securing the oil of Saudi Arabia or any other foreign country’s oil or any resource for that matter will be shown to be the phony excuse it has always been for U.S. interventions. America will not have to fear immigrants who come here to work and engage in productive activities. What it will have to fear and should always fear is the worship of State and bureaucrat and the accretion of State power over the people’s lives. Americans should fear the backdoor invasion of freedom by ideas and cultural practices that introduce pathways to totalitarianism. Americans should always fear the strangulation of freedom and free markets, not their presence.


8:29 am on November 18, 2017