X-37B: The Where’s Waldo Wonder Weapon

So…where in the world has the X-37B been?

Ok, so, gone for two years…flies at, what, Mach 5 or something (I forget)…and USAF won’t say what it’s mission is, where it goes and has been, or what, specifically, it aims to accomplish. We can flip all sorts of conspiracy theories around all the livelong day. And that is exactly what they want us to do. Because the real point goes unsaid: That the government can spend billions of dollars, not say what it’s being used for, and says it doesn’t have to tell us, either. So there! Neener, neener!, sayeth the government.

The government used the UFO craze of the 1970s to cover up the test flights of stealth aircraft and laughed behind their hands at it. But in this case, what they’d like us to believe is this POS left the galaxy and found ET and Luke Skywalker and isn’t telling us. More than likely, this Space Shuttle knock-off (notice the resemblance) was some clunker engineered on the side during the Space Shuttle as a military payload delivery vehicle. The reason it remains aloft for two years is because it’s now a weapon, more than likely.



12:17 pm on May 8, 2017