Lovely Lady Luther Locked Up

One of the few Americans who can hold her head high as Our Rulers wage war against us is Shelley Luther of Dallas, Texas. You may remember her as the valiant owner of a hair-salon who re-opened her business in defiance of Governor Greg “Stalin” Abbott. She also ripped a cease-and-desist order the city had sent her to pieces at a rally, where she drew the “loudest cheers.” In short, “Shelley Luther defied local and state orders and a judge’s restraining order in operating her business during the coronavirus pandemic,” and she did it all with panache!

But no one spits in Leviathan’s eye without suffering the beast’s vengeance. And so Ms. Luther went to trial Tuesday before a judge typical of the breed: sanctimonious, eager to persecute an uppity serf, contemptuous of the taxpayers footing his bills while worshiping the State that empowers him. 

I’ll give the courts this, however: at least their minions admitted this has nothing to do with the flu and everything to do with teaching us slaves our place. “Kristen Monkhouse, an attorney for the city, said it didn’t matter how clean Luther kept the salon [in an effort to prevent contagion] — she was in contempt of court the moment she opened the salon in defiance of the temporary restraining order.”

Judge Typical attempted the usual extortion:

Before issuing his ruling, Moyé gave Luther an opportunity to apologize and promise not to reopen her salon until she was allowed to do so, saying he would consider levying only a fine “in lieu of the incarceration which you’ve demonstrated that you have so clearly earned.”

But Ms. Luther was having none of it. Instead, she defended her actions to the very end,” superbly demonstrating the grit and integrity that built this country.

Feeding my kids is not selfish,” she told Moyé. “If you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut the salon.”

Not surprisingly, she “was taken into custody immediately after the hearing and booked into the Dallas County jail just after 4:30 p.m.” Her lawyer “said his client’s salon would remain open before Abbott’s order [re-opening salons and other shops] goes into effect Friday. The business will be fined $500 per day as a result.” She must also pay an additional $7000.

A group of Patriots who’ve never met our heroine has nonetheless opened a Gofundme page for her. Meanwhile, let’s lift this courageous woman to our sovereign God in prayer for her physical and emotional preservation as Leviathan torments her. May He also immensely bless her labors on liberty’s behalf.

(Thanks to all who sent me links about Ms. Luther, especially Bill Martin and Michael Geary.)


3:29 pm on May 6, 2020